Most expensive subwoofers

ultimate loudspeakersThe world ir audio and sound over the years have produced many great inventions that let the loud music or great audio lovers experience sound like never before. But some of these audio devices are more expensive than other so here will be the 5 most expensive subwoofers in the world.

  • The most expensive subwoofers in the world are called the Magico Ultimate Loudspeakers and they truly represent their name. These speakers have special horns that are very deep and that really help to produce the ultimate sound for amazing soud experience.
  • Second most expensive speakers in the world are the Ceasaro Horn Acoustic Omega 1 with Bass Horns. A pair of these comes for 1 million US dollars. And they not only will give you fantastic sound but they also will look great in your living room or any other place because they truly are built like sculptures.
  • Then there are the California Audio Technology Elite speakers that you can buy for oh just 500,000 dollars. These often are used as high performance custom speakers and built in wall or cabinet installations as a sound hardware for apartments and houses, but nevertheless they are an amazing subwoofers with amazing build quality.
  • Another very expensive subwoofers are the Focal Grade Utopian BE Loudspeakers and you can buy a pair of these speakers for as much as 269 thousand US dollars. The speakers are made in France and can produce sound that is about 94 decibels loud. Many professionals say that these are the best speakers on the market, maybe that is why they are so expensive.
  • Very expensive subwoofers are also the Wilson Audi XLF Loudspeakers that come for over 200 thousand dollars per one pair of these speakers. all the tests and revisions done by professionals have determined that for this price point they come with supreme quality that is hard to find in other speakers.

Here you have 5 of the world’s most expensive subwoofers that all makes up for the price with their sound emission and quality.

Smallest Subwoofer

smallest subwooferSubwoofers come in various shapes and sizes but for the most part Subwoofers are big and bulky drivers incorporated in big wooden boxes to amplify those deep tones and to create that rich and powerful sound that you need when watching movies or listening to music. For this reason subwoofers are usually considered big and bulky and not everyone can afford the luxury in their car or small stereo system to get these deep tones. But there are in fact some technologies that allow to create smaller and more compact drivers incorporated in small round forms that also create sound similar to those big woofers. Of course these smaller subwoofers will not be good enough to create a room filling deep tones, but they will give additional sound clarity and will provide a rich and great sounding overall spectrum.

This is why today I am going to look at one of the smallest 60 Hz to 20 KHz subwoofers available on the market. This subwoofer has the dimensions of 60 cm x 50 cm and that means it is smaller than most PC loudspeakers but despite that, this little thing is capable of giving great deep sound from that 3W driver. This subwoofer has the Active woofer technology and it works of internal rechargeable lithium batteries, so you can plug it into any MP3 player, Smartphone or laptop and get that additional Bass output! This subwoofer works from a 3.5 mm AUX jack or from that built in card reader that allows you to put songs on that card and listen to those great sounding Bass output sounds. I think that as a standalone speaker this is not that great because the upper level sounds are not that great but this is ideal as a supplemental woofer to add to your Smartphone or laptop and to create a sound much better than what the device could create by itself.

This subwoofer comes in 4 distinct colors like black, gold, red and grey and it has a round shape that makes it look aesthetically pleasing and very stylish. The top is basically a speaker cover with perforated cloth but at the bottom there is a Micro USB connection and a 3.5 mm audio jack as well as buttons for controls.

Pioneer TS-SWX251 subwoofer

Pioneer TS-SWX251Subwoofers as we know by now are those devices that deliver those deep-low tones of sound that are also called BASE, and because of this they need a lot of energy and space where to create this sound. But what to do if you have a small car but still want to mount a subwoofer in there? This time we will review a Pioneer TS-SWX251 car subwoofer that is less than 4 inches (10 cm) thick and that means you can position this device virtually anywhere.

TS-SWX251 is a 200W nominal subwoofer that has 800W peak sound level and that means this little thing can give you very deep bass sounds as well as a very clear and loud sounding music from that patent-pending 10 inch (25cm) driver design. Pioneer has created a truly ground breaking device that will be able to give you beats like you never thought possible from a device as small as this. Pioneer says that this subwoofer has 89 dB sensitivity and that it has the electrical impendence of 4 ohms but the sound that it give off can be in a range from 20 Hz to 114 Hz and that is amazing as many other smaller subwoofer and even some bigger models are not capable of giving off sound frequencies that low.

This 10 inch subwoofer has a Patented Pioneer air suspension technology that uses air as a spring mechanism to give this woofer a technology that allows those voice coils for this driver to move around but also keep them in place and aligned. This air suspension technology is brilliant in that it will never wear off and there will be no sound degradation over time that will extend the working time for this woofer for quite a long time.

Overall I think that Philips has done a tremendous job whit this car subwoofer and all these technologies will give you a very clear low level sound that will increase the comfort of your built in or self-made speakers. This Woofer also needs an AMP to power it but these usually are cheap and don’t have that much features to choose from. I really like the price and the loudness and sound quality is just amazing.

How to buy PC speakers

pc speaker with subwoofer

PC speakers are a common thing in our every day to day operations and it does not matter if sound is coming from your laptop or a stationary PC – speakers will be the ones that will determine the sound quality and also the bass and treble levels. PC speakers can be as cheap as a couple of bucks or as expensive as couple hundred bucks and it all depends on your needs as movie addicts will have different needs from your typical gamer but sound enthusiasts will definitely have higher standards. All speakers have some things in common that you need to measure and think about before choosing the one for you.

  • Price – Price is one of the most influencing factors as you can get cheap but low quality models as well as expensive and superb sounding devices. The amount of money you can spend on your next PC speakers is the main factor that will influence your choices so be sure to know your limit and then start with this limit to check what you can get for that money and only then compare those other features.
  • Stereo or Surround – The question to get a stereo speaker system or surround system is a tricky one as there are some great stereo (2.1 channel) speakers as well as some bad surround sound(5.1 or 7.1 channel) speaker systems and it all depends on the quality of the brand and their built in drivers. Usually for your PC you will not need surround sound as your sound card can only produce stereo sound but in more high tech computers if you have the option go for surround sound as it will feel much better when sound comes from all directions.
  • Manufacturer – Of course the manufacturer of your device is a crucial factor and some well known brand will definitely be a better bet as you most likely get better quality and performance. But sometimes you can find speakers that come from unknown brands and are just amazing value for your money but these things are rear.
  • Size – The size refers not only to the individual speaker size but also on the driver or loudspeaker size as bigger drivers will probably give you more sound and louder volume. When you take size into consideration check for the actual driver size as that will be the main factor that you can consider as there is no point comparing the actual speaker size if they have small drivers.
  • Other features – Other features like AUX input, wireless connection, internal battery and others are great to have but in most cases they are not essential if you just need a great speaker pair to connect your computer to. But nonetheless check all the additional features as they can sometimes help you choose better and will give those speakers additional benefits.

I hope this buying guide will help you find your next PC speaker set!

What Subwoofer to choose for you car

As I have stated before subwoofers are really great at producing low frequency sounds and it is very common to place them in a car because those built in speakers are usually too tiny to produce any kind of noticeable bass or those low frequency sound waves and that makes any song sound high pitched and terrible. This is why installing a Sub-Woofer in your car has become a very common practice among car enthusiasts but that does not mean regular people can’t also install more powerful drivers in their car as great music in the sense of surround sound as well as in the sound quality is one of the pleasures you get when driving around with a good sound system.

car subwoofer

But what subwoofer to choose and what are the specifications you need to consider is maybe the most asked question by car buyers that want to upgrade their sound system and because usually no one is that educated in sound system and sound device engineering it can become increasingly difficult to find the most suitable woofer for your needs. In this article I will explain what are some of the factor that you need to consider when choosing a subwoofer for your car.

  • SizeThe size of your subwoofer is a big factor to consider and it is maybe the most common question you should ask yourself before buying your next woofer. From the start you need to measure the space in your car that can be allocated for this device and consider how it will impact that volume of your trunk as a big sub can occupy as much as 1/3 or maybe even half of your car’s trunk space and that can be a big problem if you like to travel a lot. After you know the space requirements of your car you can start to pay closer attention to you subwoofer size as this will be the main factor that will influence the sound quality, bass level and also the loudness of this device. In this case bigger usually is better but don’t under-estimate some smaller woofers as a quality 10 inch (25 cm) woofer can outperform 12 inch (30 cm) woofer in all their aspects if you attach and wire everything properly.
  • Power – Power is the main factor to look at if you want loud sound and a lot of bass because woofers draw in a lot of power and the more the better. Basically there are two main factors to consider and they are the RMS (Root Mean Square) and the peak power rating and both are equally important as RMS number will give you the amount of power your woofer can handle continuously but peak power rating is the one that is needed to get those huge bass peaks and that is usually just the upper limit.
  • Enclosure type – the box where your driver is enclosed gives a great deal of value as it can be the difference between those low level basses and loudness for various different enclosures. Usually the best enclosures are the ones that are sealed but some different model ones can give you louder sound or some upper level frequencies. usually there are three models and they are sealed, ported and band bass so you can check them out separately.
  • Sensitivity – Sensitivity is the measurement that states how much power this exact woofer needs to create sound and usually a higher sensitivity is better as it means your woofer needs less power to create the same amount of sound and that means you will need less power to start with.
  • Impendence – This is the measurement that states the electrical resistance of your subwoofer and it is usually measured in ohms and it is best to get the same electrical resistance to your subwoofer as well as your amplifier so there are no differences that can cause some problems.

If you carefully go through each of these values and find the most suitable for your standards then you will have a pretty good idea of what woofer to have for your car, but the specific models and prices we will discuss in a different article.

How to make a Subwoofer

Subwoofers are very useful if you want to reproduce the low spectrum of the human hearing sound scale (20-200hz) as many commercial loudspeakers do not have enough power to create a sound with that low frequency and you can’t enjoy movies or music in the way it is supposed to be played. Subwoofers come in different sizes shapes and power ranges but for this purpose I will exclude the lecture about all those things – I will tell you how to make a subwoofer but I will not explain how it works as that is already covered in previous articles.

So you want to create a subwoofer?

This is a great choice because many commercial sound systems usually lack a proper subwoofer as they need to be appealing to the mass market and there are few people that can afford woofers that produce the quality of sound that I like and usually these things are small and can’t go below 200hz sound range . It may feel like a small amount to strive for 200 Hz range but at those low frequencies the sound gets really deep and will be able to penetrate your body not just your ears and you will literary feel the  vibrations in the air without turning the volume to the max.

Where to start?

home made subwooferIf you want to create your home subwoofer the first thing you need is a driver or the loudspeaker itself without the box surrounding it. These can be bought at sound stores or can be taken from car audio systems as they are usually sold separately there. When you buy this driver look at the frequencies it can produce as well as for the power output as they are both crucial.

When you have the driver you need to think about the enclosure that will create that sound pressure that is needed for low frequency sound production. You can use Wood, plastic or any other material but the most common is wood as it is a great sound insulator and will not break under that air pressure.  The size of this enclosure need to be big enough to hold that drivers back end and also have enough room for the air to move around, so I advise you to better get or make a bigger box than smaller one and you can see some commercial subwoofers for inspiration and size ratios.

When you have created that box you need insulating material that can be lined in your enclosure to absorb reflected sound and create more crisp sound. There are special sound isolation foam but you can also use regular isolation foam as it will be much more cheaper.

When you have lined your box with this foam create a hole at one side where the woofer will be put inside. When you have fastened the woofer in place you also need to create another hole at the bottom where the air will be pulled inside and this can be at the back or at the bottom. When everything is ready, create some beautiful decorations or put a layer of paint on your woofer.

Here you go, you have a brand new woofer and there is nothing more to this except some minor details which you will find one the way when making your own thing by searching the web.

Make your music speaker dock a fully functional work station

Music and speaker docks with subwoofers are great for docking your smartphone or tablet and listen to music, but if you want something more? What if your want your docking station be like PC or Laptop case, your smartphone as PC hardware and docking station speakers with subwoofer as external sound speakers. You can see here that your smartphone can act as a fully functional desktop working station. The only last two things you need to be able to fully use your smartphone as PC are keyboard and mouse. The best choice you have are bluetooth keyboard android and bluetooth mouse.

Bluetooth keyboards comes in many different types, starting from regular QWERTY keyboards like those you use on your PC and Laptop. Then there are smaller bluetooth keyboards for android without numpad. These are more compact keyboards that you can take with you on the go. There are also other types of android keyboards like mini, folding, gaming, multimedia, backlit, keyboard with trackpad and others. These keyboards uses bluetooth technology to connect to Android smartphone or tablet. The connection process bluetooth keyboardis really easy and will take you about a minute to be able to use bluetooth keyboard to write on your android device. Bluetooth keyboards can be used for all sorts of tasks. You can write a lot more easier on bluetooth keyboard than you can on virtual android keyboard. This type of keyboard is much more suited for those, who need to write longer texts, messages, emails, blog posts and other larger texts. With bluetooth keyboard android you can also play games more easier using keyboard keys, you will have more precision while playing games. Mini bluetooth keyboard has got small size so you can easily take it with you, when you go to work or to friends house, when you travel somewhere, or just keep it in pocket every day, in case you need to write longer texts. There are also multifunctional bluetooth keyboards with trackpad. This way you do not need additional mouse, because you can use the trackpad as mouse pointer as you would on laptop computer.

If you combine these devices together with android speaker dock, and connect dock to external monitor or TV, you will be able to use your smartphone or tablet as PC work station. You will be able to write longer texts, watch movies, play games, use internet, and listen to your favorite music from docks speakers using your smartphone same as you use PC or Laptop.


Sound systems and receivers with Bluetooth support for mobile devices

The most annoying thing in the past that people had with large stereo centers were that we always needed to go to the sound center to turn the next song or control volume of the music center. After some time wireless remote controls were made. It did make our lives more easier, as we could just sit in our couch and turn the next music track. Now, when we have multiple wireless devices at our house, it may not be the best solution to have another wireless remote control for controlling the music center. There are few options we can use today that are lot more convenient than oldschool remote controls or no wireless control over our music sound center at all.

Sound systems with bluetooth support

sound systemThe first option is to get yourself a sound system with subwoofer that has built in bluetooth receiver. These sound stations usually come with additional remote control, which also works with bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is reliable wireless technology that is used on all sorts of mobile devices, starting from mp3 players and headphones, to larger sound systems, car sound systems, smartphones, tablets, tvs and many other electronic devices that we use. Most of the new music sound systems comes with built in bluetooth support. This allows you to connect your smartphone, tablet or any type of music player that has got bluetooth connection. This way you can sit on your couch, relax, and do not have to worry about turning next song, controlling the volume, playing or stopping the sound system from playing the music. With help of your smartphone or other smart device, you will be able to manipulate your music station in many different ways. As more advanced the music station is, as more features and function you will be able to control with your mobile device. You can also connect from your PC or laptop to the home sound system and control it from your pc, so you do not have to use weak laptops speakers that do not have any subwoofer and bass. You can also stream music from your music device to sound system, and enjoy it at the best quality that your music center can provide.

Bluetooth receivers

bluetooth receiverBluetooth receiver will be useful for you, if your home sound system does not have built in bluetooth technology. Many older and low end sound systems do not support bluetooth connection. Also many external speakers that are not connected to any music center will mostly come without a bluetooth receiver. You can buy a bluetooth receiver in practically any larger electronics store or online shop for couple of bucks. Bluetooth receiver will allow you to connect sound system or external speaker with your mobile device. You will have option to control the volume of external speakers and stream your favorite music tracks or radio to the sound center. If you will use bluetooth receiver with your external speakers and subwoofer, your smartphone or tablet will act as music center and you can listen to your playlist not on headphones or smartphones speakers, but on your larger external speakers that will have much better sound quality. You can control speakers with bluetooth receiver from longer distance, even when you are in a different room. This is really convenient, as you can listen to your favorite artists, albums, radio, or even watch movies on your smartphone or tablet and stream sound to external speakers, so you can enjoy movie with much better sound. Connecting a bluetooth receiver to external speakers or sound system is really easy. Bluetooth receiver connects to your sound system or speakers with the regular 3.5 mm AUX cable. Almost any music station or speakers will have input that supports AUX cable. After you have connected the bluetooth receiver to your sound system, just connect your smartphone to bluetooth receiver and you can enjoy music from your smartphone or tablet in much better quality and a lot more louder on your sound system with subwoofer and external speakers.

What should the best android dock have?

Docking Stations like any other device has a range of functionality that different manufacturers incorporate in their products, and that is why you need to compare different docks but what are these functions and what should the ultimate docking station be? First of all I must admit that the ultimate dock differs from the needs and for  example a simple bedside alarm clock dock doesn’t need bluetooth connectivity or massive subwoofers. And for example a music dock doesn’t really need a clock function but lets for a while pretend that we need all of these features in single device. These features are:

  • External loudspeakers – many smart devices have small speakers that produce distorted sound and a real loudspeaker that can play loud music without distortion is a must for any music dock.

  • Subwoofer – if you have a dock that has great speakers it would be great to also have a good bass sounds that can produce that rich sound that you crave. So no real music dock is without a subwoofer.

  • Clock – when your smart device is charging it would be convenient to have a large clock at the front of the docking station to see the time and maybe also the date.

  • Alarm – every great docking station should also have an external alarm that can be synchronized with your smartphone or can work independently.

  • Dual wake and snooze – these two features are a must if you have an alarm and they come in handy for couples and people who like to stay in bed for couple of minutes before waking up.

  • Backup battery – our imaginary best docking station should also have a backup battery to power the clock, alarm and also charge your phone if the power goes out in the nighttime or you just want to take your dock with you in a remote (no electricity) area.

  • Multi device compatible(Android dock, iPhone dock) – this super dock should also be able to dock and recharge Android devices, Apple products, Smartphones, Tablets, E-readers and also Mp3 and MP4 players.

  • Hands free sync – This means our dock should have a bluetooth or a USB micro connection so that we don’t need to plug your phone in multiple sockets and just dock it on its charger and play music and sync the date and time.

  • Great design – Of course this dock should also have a brilliant design that would allow it to fit in any environment and not stand out but be elegant enough that if you see it you will be pleasantly surprised about the curves and materials used to make it.

And at the end I must also mention the price because features are great but noone will buy a dock for 1000$ and that is why the price should be around the 100$ to 200$ mark and no more!

I hope this article will manage to reach some Samsung or LG executives that will make a dock with all these features!


What are human hamster balls and where to use them

water-zorb-ballHuman hamster balls or zorb balls are new type of fun sports activity. It uses large, inflatable rubber ball, where people step in and roll on ground or water. Zorb balls have become very popular in the past years and people are using them even for commercial purposes.

Human hamster balls are divided into two categories – ground and water zorbs. Ground zorbs are used on land, usually on grass, sand or other soft surface, which cannot harm the zorb ball. Some zorbs are made to hold lower temperatures and even can be used in the snow at winter. Ground zorbs usually have two balls on inside other. Larger ball is used as the outer ball and smaller ball is in the larger ball and many small rubber connectors are holding it inside the large ball. Human steps inside the small ball and rolls down the hill or other place. Ground zorbs are more durable than water human hamster balls.

Water human hamster balls are used inside water. They are usually made from one ball, not two like ground zorbs, but some water zorbs are made also with two balls. Water zorbs are much cheaper than ground zorbs, as they do not need to be so durable. People need to step inside the water ball and then close the zipper. The ball has air for more than 15 minutes. Water balls can be used in different parties like pool parties, children parties, birthday parties, commercial parties and other activities.

Both of these zorb ball types are really fun to use, and everyone should try them. Here you can find more information about human hamster balls